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First Day at Work

I just completed my first day at Haugesunds Avis, and now I’m waiting for my pancakes to be done so I’ll try to squeeze in a post before they’re ready to be consumed. Yes, in Norway pancakes are not just for breakfast.

Today I mostly worked on getting the hang of the different layout and photo editing programs, but I did get my very own story assigned, so I spent a significant amount of time writing, calling sources and scheduling interviews as well.


I even had to drive around in one of the reporter cars — which happened to have a stick shift… Heh… I got my Norwegian license on a stick shift back in 2012, but I’ve lived in the US for so long I’d almost forgotten sticks were still a thing. I managed okay, but let’s just say I’m glad I was alone in the car those first minutes! Not long after, the car started feeling like the Toyota it was — and not some uncontrollable spaceship — so I drove back feeling rather accomplished.

Did I mention I got my own desk? Grown up-points.


Now I better run and save those pancakes, so I’ll get back to you later.


Bless you,

Wife Material and Hash Browns

I’ve probably mentioned it before, that I’m just not a natural in the kitchen. When I had my own apartment I’d sometimes rather go hungry than to cook myself dinner. I just absolutely hate it. Or well, that’s not entirely true, I used to hate it. But after yesterday’s very succesful day in the kitchen I seem to have changed my mind.

Mom and I made carrot cake, apple crisp and, of course, Norwegian success tart. The most astonishing thing is that they all turned out great! With my mom on the team that shouldn’t come as a big surprise, but the fact that I handled some of the ingredients and it didn’t end in a disaster is pretty sensational.

Mama Lavelle
Apple crisp

You may think I’m just exaggerating for the purpose of adding some humor to this post, but no, I’m serious.

One time Karen and I were invited to an American family to teach them how to bake Norwegian cinnamon rolls, “Skillingsboller.” These incredible hospitable people had bought all the ingredients, booked a big kitchen for us and we ended up having to throw away two full batches of skillingsboller before we were able to make something that was edible. Karen is a good cook, so I take this on me.

Another time I made a brownie that was so rigid I could have used it as a doormat. It was one of those packs where you just add water, so how that happened is a mystery to me…

But if you ask me to make you French toast, pancakes, scrambled eggs or hash browns, I’ll impress you. Breakfast is my one specialty. Oh! Before you Norwegian readers freak out, let me assure you I’m   not   talking about the marijuana-infused brownies you all know too well. Hash browns and hasjbrownies are two different things. Besides, marijuana is too expensive for doormats.

Screen Shot 2016-07-02 at 12.17.00
Hash bowns. Photo:

Have a tasty day everyone,

Blog Challenge and Socializing

It’s July 1st and that means it’s time for this summer’s blog challenge! Together with my fellow Norwegian Augustana Viking, Elin Hægeland, I’m going to write at least five posts a week. So if you ever thought about becoming a regular visitor, now is the time. Check out Elin’s blog HERE.

Earlier this week I met up with my “Portugirls” here in town before I drove to Stord to visit my dear friend Rannveig. We had a blast as always.

Now that I don’t see my Norwegian friends as often, I don’t want to spend all night taking pictures, so some shots from last year will have to do for now, haha.

Screen Shot 2016-07-01 at 18.23.33
Badass posing is always fun


I’d also like to share that I’ve been able to stick to the vacation agreement I announced in my last post. It’s been two full days, but this morning I was pretty close to breaking my own deal by accident. I was about to put my running shoes on when I suddenly remembered — no more running for a while, woops.

Anyway, my family is waiting for me to join their movie night, so I better go.

Talk to you soon,

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