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TV-Interview and Film Festival

Since my last post I’ve been pretty busy preparing for this weekend’s upcoming film festival, and one of the things I’ve had to do was a TV-interview with KSFY on Tuesday. (To all my Norwegian readers: KSFY is an ABC-affiliated TV-station here in South Dakota.)

I had to wake up at 3:30 AM to be there for the live morning show with Shawn and Kamie to talk about the documentary, which will be shown at the Sioux Empire Film Festival at the Orpheum Theater, 7:30 PM tomorrow! Please do consider coming, we will have a Q&A after the screening, and there will be loads of amazing films and premieres.

You can watch the interview below:


This is actually the second time in a month that I’ve had to do a TV-interview in FRONT of the camera. It’s funny how different it is being the “interview subject” instead of the journalist, which is what I’m used to, haha. But if it helps promote the film and raise awareness around homelessness, I’m all for it.

Here’s an interview Sarah and I did for KDLT at the premiere of “Over the Bridge.”

It still amazes me how far this documentary have gone already. We had more than 200 people at the premiere, two newspaper articles, two TV-interviews and one film festival invitation — within the first month. Homelessness is clearly something the community wants to know more about, and I feel blessed to have the opportunity to tell such an important story on the big screen. All honor to God!

Yesterday Sarah and I had an almost 3-hour long meeting with a lady who knows the film industry “from the inside,” and we both learned a lot about logistics and PR, but also how to be women in such a male-dominated industry. Very insightful!

Also, it’s not too late to help us get the film into other festivals across the country. CLICK HERE to visit our kickstarter page and donate.

Now I’ll go eat dinner with Karen and Brittany, so talk to you later,

Monday’s Track Workout and Meeting with the Homeless Advisory Board

Good day all!
I’m on my way to grab some food before the yearbook meeting tonight, but decided I should make try to write a post first, so here we go!

I started the day with a track workout at 6:30 AM — all by myself. It’s amazing how much more fun early morning workouts are when you don’t HAVE to do them!

From last week’s track session.

My ankle can’t handle anything that even resembles a jump, so don’t worry, I’m not planning on making a comeback. I just run for fun, and today I jogged 4km and did 6x600m all-out at a track nearby. I used to HATE this kind of training, but now I really appreciate the beauty of a quiet morning in the crisp spring air, listening to the sound of birds and my own breath. Ah, it’s truly poetic, haha. You should try.

Then, after a shower and breakfast, I headed downtown to attend a meeting with the Homeless Advisory Board where Sarah and I showed our documentary, and discussed the issue together with all the amazing people who are working towards ending homelessness by 2025. Words can’t describe how badly I want them to succeed!

I spent the rest of the day doing homework, and after the yearbook meeting I’ll probably go straight to bed — I have to wake up at 3:45 AM to do be on the news at KSFY tomorrow morning. As I’ve mentioned before, I’m usually the one behind the camera or the notepad ASKING the questions, but lately, I’ve had to step inside the role of the interview subject, haha. It’s valuable experience!

Bless you all,

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