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Burgers and boats


Right now I eating a hamburger while listening to my sister and her boyfriend playing the piano downstairs. Ahh, they’re so good! I’m almost in tears, because right now they’re playing the theme from my favorite movie ever – Forrest Gump. Since they’re using all four hands, it really sounds like a symphony orchestra. I’m amazed by how they can sit there and just play for hours. #RelationshipGoals

The past 6 weeks I’ve pretty much just worked – either at the store or on the documentary. Not much to write about. But today was actually quite adventurous!

I got invited to a “Press lunch” together with a bunch of journalists who are in town for the National Track Championships.

At 11:30 we went to the city hall, where we got a very thorough tour through the history and architecture of the building – held by the Mayor himself. I suddenly realized that I might have a hint of an interest for the symbolism in art/architecture, haha

Afterwards we all got suited up for the highlight of the day, rib-boating! So much fun! We went to two islands outside my hometown, Haugesund.

Such adrenalin junkies! Selfie Credit: Anne Marit Stange



Then we had lunch at Røvær, which is a small island with about 100 inhabitants.


The only way to get there is by boat, which has helped conserve the unique culture the place is known for. There’s only one car, a tiny grocery store, a small hotel, a school, a chapel and a fire station (without firetrucks, of course) on the entire island. It’s almost as if time stopped there sometime in the 50s. Fascinating!

The so-called “car”

Then we rib-boated back to Haugesund.


It went so fast the drag made my sunglasses dig their way into my face, and by the time we got back, my hair was tangled up like dreadlocks. But it was so worth it!

Later, I went to watch my dear friend Sindre (who was in my documentary) compete in the high jump. He got bronze in front of a home crowd. #Impressed !

Now I’ll head to bed and get some rest before tomorrows “speaker job.” I’ve been asked to do live interviews at nationals, in front of the entire crowd (the stadium seats about 3000 people..) and it’ll also be streamed online. Heh…

So good night fellas!

Bless ya,


Long time, no see


I’ve completely neglected this blog lately, and I can assure you it’s not because of laziness. I’ve simply had too much on my plate to make blogging a priority. Oh well, enough of the excuses ^_^

Anyway, I just finished up my last shift at the grocery store, and yesterday I did the final touch on the documentary. So, I have now officially directed and produced my very first 41-minute film. Yay!


It’s been a blast! Even though, I have to admit that I had no idea what I was getting myself into when I first started the project. To shoot, do interviews and edit during the day, and then take shifts at the store at night, well it was way tougher than I’d predicted. But I got it done.

So far, the response has been beyond all my expectation.
The TV-station here in town wanted to air it, but the newspaper “Haugesunds Avis” paid more, so I let them have it.

Earlier today I had lunch with my grandparents, and then I had a meeting with the editor of the paper. Now I’ll spend a couple of hours preparing for my first job as a reporter, which I’ll write more about tomorrow.

Bless y’all,
Maria Lavelle

Documentary part 1: Hanne Steinstø

Yaay, I’m finally done editing two thirds of the whole thing, but part two needs a final touch before I can upload it, so let’s start with the first one. It’s in Norwegian, but I am going to upload an English version asap. So stay tuned 🙂

Back in the days when I did track here in town myself, I always knew who Hanne was, but I never really knew her, if that makes sense? She’s a few years older than me, and since I was a jumper, and she a runner – our paths didn’t cross very often. From a distance, she seemed like this unstoppable, focused, determined person who wouldn’t let anything affect her. She’d run her 25 laps around the track, get her medal and never make a big fuzz about it.

When I asked her to be object of my documentary, I had no idea which direction it would take. But as I started interviewing her, I was surprised by her story. Her journey has not in any way been straight-forward. And now, I know that the biggest victories are sometimes the ones we can’t measure in minutes or seconds.

I feel honored to share her story with you:

Throughout the production, I realized that my equipment didn’t really hold its standards for a project of this caliber. I had to use some rather primitive methods for a number of the shots, and the audio is pretty terrible. Hopefully I’ll be able to afford a better microphone soon. Luckily, the actual story is the important thing here, so feel free to tell me what you think.

Bless you,
Maria Lavelle

Coach Lavelle

Last week I was asked to coach a group of young triple jumpers in the track club here in town, which by the way is one of the biggest clubs in Norway – with over 800 members.

So today I spent two hours instructing these colorful athletes!

I’ve tried to keep my mind off of triple jumping for the past few months. Because now that my own foot can’t handle any jumping whatsoever, I’d be kinda frustrating to walk around and think about it all day…

But I’m glad I was able to dig out some good advises and make a contribution of some sort. We had lots of fun! And hopefully they won’t be too sore tomorrow. Beforehand I was a little worried I’d make them do too much, and that I’d forget they’re just 14-15 years old, and not used to those kinds of movements – especially not after four weeks of vacation.

When one of the girls said: “I can’t feel my legs” towards the end of the session, I had to ask myself – “Waaaehh did I push them too far?” But after thinking through what we did, there’s no way we overdid it – we did a bare minimum of jumping/running. But quite a lot of low-impact movements such as drills, stretching and lunges. Afterall, if there’s one thing I’ve learned from my decade as a track athlete myself – it’s that doing too much, too soon = injuries. And I do not wish that upon anyone, so I think I did just fine. I even enjoyed it quite a lot!

Now I’ll snuggle up in bed and listen to the thunderstorm outside.

Good night and bless y’all,Maria Lavelle

Summer work

I’m absolutely flattered by the nice response I received after the TV interview yesterday. I even got several “good job” and “good luck” messages from people I haven’t seen in years!

Now I’m in the middle of editing the second and third part, and then I’ll head to work in two hours.

As I’ve mentioned before, I work at Meny Karmsundgata this summer – the very same store I worked at for two years saving up money for college. I’m not gonna lie and say that I loved every minute of those two years.

I think it had something to do with the fact that last time I was at a very uncertain stage in my life. My dreams of going to college right after high school had been crushed by a bad leg injury. I had also been told by the doctors that I’d have to give up the love of my life – track. The world as I knew it had just fallen apart. And because I didn’t have anything else to go to, I HAD to work there at the store. I think deep down I was just very frustrated, and “blamed” it on the job, when in reality it had nothing to do with the job itself.


Luckily, things worked out and I got accepted to Augustana college in SD, where I even got to do track! Wow, who would’ve thought that’d be possible?

Therefore, this year I CHOSE to go back and work at Meny, to make the rest of my education abroad a little more affordable. There’s a big difference between being forced to do something, and wanting to do something. And you know what? I really like it this time around !

Now that my sister also works there, my productivity went from good to great – because we’re both so incredibly competitive towards each other. We compete in who can “face” the shelfs or complete the tasks on the list in the shortest amount of time etc. Pretty nice!

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