Portrait: Colorgirl

As some of you may already know, I have over the past few weeks been working on another short profile documentary.

The first one was about actor Grant Elliott and how theater helped him overcome an anxiety disorder.

And this time I wanted to let Cassandra Dulek tell her story on camera.

During one of my very first weeks of college, I couldn’t help it but to notice her colorful clothing style and the confident charisma she radiated. So I wanted to know more about her, and why she dresses the way she does.

As I started interviewing her, I realized that I would not be able to fit her sparkling personality into a four minute video. She has so much to offer! But this is the best I could do –

Nintendo 64

Whoah, yet another week has passed by and I can’t believe it!

With less than two weeks left of the semester, I’m starting to feel very ready for a the summer vacation to begin. I don’t think I’ve looked this much forward to the summer.. ever! I’m suspecting it has something to do with the amount of work I’ve put in this year – as opposed to earlier years when I had no idea what hard work was. Actually, I went all the way through High School without even bringing my books back home with me.. which means I didn’t really do any homework at all. Last semester however, which was my first in College, I quickly realized that things doesn’t work that way “over here.” If you want to get good grades, you do actually have to work for it.

To say that this past week was busy, would’ve been an understatement. In addition to attending lectures, working out twice a day, (and sleeping my precious nine hours a night), I’ve done about eight hours of homework daily. I’m well aware that many students do this as an everyday/all-year-around routine.. But for me, it’s sensational enough to write about on the blog, heh…

Well, what I was trying to say here, was that the homework is my excuse for why I haven’t updated the blog in a while. But enough talk about that.

Since last time, I have among other things, began working my way back into jumping.

Yesterday we went out to eat at a Brazilian restaurant, and finished the meal off with (Theee BEST ice cream ever in the whole wide world of mankind)  – Cold Stone’s.
After all that food had started its journey through our digestive systems, we went to Brittany’s to play Nintendo 64 (The one from 1997) – Brought back so many childhood memories!

Bless y’all,


The student-athlete

For my latest photo assignment I got to follow one of Augustana’s promising 400m runners, Karen Joesdendal, as she went through her hectic day as a student athlete.

Watch the video below!

Movie time

This week has been really busy! I had three assignments due, two exams and one quiz. They all went pretty well, I hope.

Practice yesterday was great. We ran 200s with two minutes rest in between. I haven’t done this kind of training since January, but it went surprisingly good! After practice we had dinner with the team, and then we all went to our separate rooms. Not having any plans on a friday night felt a little weird, but it was actually wonderful. I spent the night nourishing my film interest by watching two movies instead.

The first one, October Sky is a relatively unknown film, from “all the way back” to 1999. And Even though I’m hard to impress, I really enjoyed this one. It’s a true story with atmospheric cinematography and good acting. Just the way I like it!

Then I watched the Oscar nominated movie “Whiplash.” I was a little biased beforehand, when I realized it was about Jazz music, and seems like the typical “Student deals with teacher from hell, but everything works out in the end-story” My initial scepticism quickly faded away once I realized it had much more to it than that. The cinematography blended perfectly in the with kind of tone and action this film has. In other words, it intensified the already uncomfortable atmosphere, and made the whole story very engaging. I’m sure my heart rate increased drastically during a few of the scenes.

Now, after nine solid hours of sleep, I’m about to head out to practice. Last session of the week! Later today I’ll meet up with some of the track girls to eat dinner at Ruby Tuesday. Then.. maybe watch another movie?

Bless ya,


To walk on your tiptoes

My calf muscles are so sore today! Not because of a hard workout, but because I’ve been walking on my tiptoes since Friday. In fact, I haven’t let my heels touch the floor since then. And no, this is not part of a new crazy training experiment. (I know I’ve had a few of those in the past..) Actually, this is the direct result of my collegiate triple jump debut.

As I mentioned briefly on Instagram, this ast friday I  jumped in my first meet since I moved here in August. After a summer and fall filled with knee problems, I didn’t plan on doing any jumping at all this season. I was determined to become a better hurdler, and spent most of my time improving my form, as well as my speed-endurance. However, as my knee got better, I wanted to give the triple jump a shot this weekend. My coach and I agreed on using a short approach (8 strides, as opposed to the normal 16-18) to spare my legs from some of the stress the triple jump puts on your legs. Actually, your ankles and knees have to deal with a pressure of seven to eight times your own bodyweight in each landing. Anyway, I jumped 11.35m / 37’2″. Which was way better than I expected. I placed 2nd, and was pretty close to my indoor personal best. Last time I jumped was before the stress fracture back in 2012, so there should be room for improvement! Anyway, back to the sore calves.. In my last jump, I really gave it all I had, and managed to bruise both of my heels pretty severely. They look like they were hit with a sledgehammer; purple, pink and green. and it’s simply been too painful to walk normally. Since the chances are rather slim any of you will experience the same in the near future, I’ll just tell you that it’s surprising how much more strenuous it is to move around when you’re walking on the very tip of your toes all day.

Here’s a video from one of my first jumping sessions since May last year.

Now that the indoor season is over, I’ll take this week off from training, before the preparations for outdoors starts on Monday. In the meantime, I’ll work ahead on my homework, and of course; try to get the hang of this whole blog thing..

Bless ya.

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