To walk on your tiptoes

My calf muscles are so sore today! Not because of a hard workout, but because I’ve been walking on my tiptoes since Friday. In fact, I haven’t let my heels touch the floor since then. And no, this is not part of a new crazy training experiment. (I know I’ve had a few of those in the past..) Actually, this is the direct result of my collegiate triple jump debut.

As I mentioned briefly on Instagram, this ast friday I  jumped in my first meet since I moved here in August. After a summer and fall filled with knee problems, I didn’t plan on doing any jumping at all this season. I was determined to become a better hurdler, and spent most of my time improving my form, as well as my speed-endurance. However, as my knee got better, I wanted to give the triple jump a shot this weekend. My coach and I agreed on using a short approach (8 strides, as opposed to the normal 16-18) to spare my legs from some of the stress the triple jump puts on your legs. Actually, your ankles and knees have to deal with a pressure of seven to eight times your own bodyweight in each landing. Anyway, I jumped 11.35m / 37’2″. Which was way better than I expected. I placed 2nd, and was pretty close to my indoor personal best. Last time I jumped was before the stress fracture back in 2012, so there should be room for improvement! Anyway, back to the sore calves.. In my last jump, I really gave it all I had, and managed to bruise both of my heels pretty severely. They look like they were hit with a sledgehammer; purple, pink and green. and it’s simply been too painful to walk normally. Since the chances are rather slim any of you will experience the same in the near future, I’ll just tell you that it’s surprising how much more strenuous it is to move around when you’re walking on the very tip of your toes all day.

Here’s a video from one of my first jumping sessions since May last year.

Now that the indoor season is over, I’ll take this week off from training, before the preparations for outdoors starts on Monday. In the meantime, I’ll work ahead on my homework, and of course; try to get the hang of this whole blog thing..

Bless ya.

First post

So this is my first time posting on this blog, or any blog for that matter. I have to admit that I feel slightly uncomfortable with the whole idea of sharing my own personal thoughts, ideas and opinions online like this.. Which probably sounds a bit weird, coming from a journalism major – But don’t misunderstand me, I have no problems sharing my photographies, training videos or selfies… There’s just something about writing that feels so much more personal. But oh well, I’ll be a pro in no time. Hopefully!

Showed up an hour early for class, that's all.
Showed up an hour early for class, that’s all.

The day today has been very productive. Went to four lectures, did lots of homework in between each session, and now I’m about to head back to the dorms to watch my “daily movie.” After a full semester here in the US, I just recently realized that my level of productivity is at its peak between 9am and 3pm. After practice ends at around 5, I simply have no energy left for homework. Therefore, I have to work like a hero during the day – in order to earn my two-hour movie-time at night. And on todays’ menu is:
After watching the Oscars yesterday, I feel I don’t have much of a choice.

Be blessed, xoxo

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