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Hey y’all,

I just got back from a long day of shooting another part of the documentary I’m working on. When I say long, don’t misunderstand me! I absolutely LOVE this kind of work. Ahhh, imagine making films for a living. Some day 😉

Here are some screenshots from the clips I shot of Elisabeth Angell Bergh, one of the top middle distance runners in Norway. She’s also a soon-to-be American, woop woop!


Yep, I tried out an “anamorphic format” = widescreen cinemascope (The black bars at the bottom and top) Some say it’s typically not the preferred format for documentaries, but who cares? I don’t.


Other than scheduling interviews, shooting and editing clips, I’m enjoying the comfort of seeing my family every day, eating home cooked meals and driving a car with manual transmission (which by the way, was not easy as I thought it’d be after a year abroad)

Now I better go to bed, as another hectic day of work awaits me tomorrow morning. G’night!




Norway can be pretty beautiful too

I just got back from a little trip to Bergen with my mom. My sister is in Turkey at the moment, and my dad is renovating my new room. Even though I moved out two years ago, and don’t really live here more than a few months out of the year, my parents decided I should get a nicer room to stay in while I’m here.

Now that I’ve been at the American prairie for almost a year. I’m suddenly able to see how beautiful the nature in Norway actually is.

Just look at this! No filter needed..

The picture was taken from the top of some island we found while cruising the fjords in my uncle’s new “yacht” – pretty sweet I must say.

Then on Saturday I went to Knarvik to visit my favorite Norwegian Augustana viking, Karen! I’ve missed her a lot already, so I’m glad I could use her 21st birthday as an excuse to go see her haha 🙂


Right now I’m editing some footage I shot of my friend Hanne.

Here are some (blurry) screenshots from what I’ve got so far.

Screen shot

She’s preparing for the National Norwegian Track Championships that’ll be held here in Haugesund, so I wanted to dive into her world to see what life is like for someone who can easily run 60 miles a week. Stay tuned for more!

Screen Shot Screen Shot

Bless y’all,

Portrait: Colorgirl

As some of you may already know, I have over the past few weeks been working on another short profile documentary.

The first one was about actor Grant Elliott and how theater helped him overcome an anxiety disorder.

And this time I wanted to let Cassandra Dulek tell her story on camera.

During one of my very first weeks of college, I couldn’t help it but to notice her colorful clothing style and the confident charisma she radiated. So I wanted to know more about her, and why she dresses the way she does.

As I started interviewing her, I realized that I would not be able to fit her sparkling personality into a four minute video. She has so much to offer! But this is the best I could do –

The student-athlete

For my latest photo assignment I got to follow one of Augustana’s promising 400m runners, Karen Joesdendal, as she went through her hectic day as a student athlete.

Watch the video below!

Portrait: Grant Elliott

A few posts ago I mentioned that I’ve been working on a “documentary” for one of my journalism classes. I was privileged enough to follow a bunch of extraordinary people from Augustana College Theatrical Society. There’s just something special about working around actors. They’re so refreshingly outgoing, free-spirited, focused and ambitious.

With all the footage I shot, I could probably make a full 90-minute feature story, but since this particular assignment only required four minutes, you’ll simply have to be okay with the “short version” for now.

This is Grant Elliott and his story:

(To watch in HD, press the pinion down to the right)

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