Track is not healthy

In that case I think we can all agree that my Track & Field “career” has been a success… haha. In the post “It ain’t all sunshine” I mentioned that I missed out on the entire track season of 2010, half of 2012, all of 2013, 2014 and now at least half of 2015. I then received some questions about what exactly happened. I know this might be of zero interest to most of you, but since this blog already contains a great deal of track material, I might as well share it with y’all.

Well, I began my track and field adventure in 2004, at age 11. The morning after I’d done my first practice ever, I woke up feeling sick. Very sick, in fact I was so sick I got hospitalized for the next eight weeks. Turned out it had nothing to do with the practice itself, but rather a mysterious infection that made my organs shut down. I also lost one third of my body weight during the stay at the hospital. However, I recovered extremely quickly, which according to the doctors was nothing short of a miracle. Thank God! I decided to give track another try the following year. Things went great, and I jumped an inch higher than my own head at age 14, which to this day probably stands as one of my best sports performance xD Anyway, I placed top 3 in most competitions all the way through 2009.

This time I was forced to sit out 90% of the season because of an ankle injury which ended my “career” as a high jumper. During that time, I discovered a new passion in Olympic Weightlifting. After a cortisone injection I was able to save some of the track season with a bronze in the triple jump at Youth Nationals.

Was amazing, both on the track and the weightlifting platform. I became the National Champion in Olympic weightlifting for both Seniors and Juniors, got to represent the National team on the track as well.


I got a stress fracture in my shin bone. Read more about that HERE

I wasn’t able to return to jumping until September 2013. And since the season ends in September I didn’t get to compete at all that year. Then, literally a week after I had done my first practice, I managed to run a milk trolley over my foot at work, so I was back on crutches.

I have the tendency to make weird videos when I’m injured.. to cheer myself up and kill some of that extra time I have when I can’t work out..

Leading up to 2014 I had trained very well and was planning on doing a “comeback” that season.. but then I tore parts of my meniscus. So I had to wave goodbye to yet another season.

First season in America, and my ankle decided to get a “stress fracture” So I only got to do one triple jump meet.
On the bright side I got to work on my handstand skills.

Now that I’ve had a couple of weeks off, I’ve had some time to think and ask myself: WHY IN THE WORLD AM I DOING THIS TO MYSELF? Well.. I don’t know.
But I guess some place deep inside I’m hoping I’ll be able to let it go someday. Knowing that I did my best, I worked hard, I kept going when many would have given up, and that someday I can close that chapter without feeling that I lost something. On the other hand.. I guess what I’m really hoping is that all this work will pay off someday, so that I can retire with the feeling of some kind of accomplishment.

But either way, I’m excited to see what God has in store – whether it’s on or off the track.

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