We decided to cancel our roadtrip to Minneapolis this week. Mostly because we were all pretty tired from the last few weeks intense studying, but also because the exchange rate for me, as a norwegian, is awful right now. The “oil deflation” Norway is experiencing these days makes everything ridiculously expensive compared to a few months ago. The Twin cities also known as Minneapolis (I just realized last week that the Minneapolis is one of the “twins” of the “Twin Cities”.. lol) has one of the world’s biggest shopping malls, and with the current economic situation, the timing is just not great for binge shopping. I’m not by any means a miser, but I’d much rather save that money for a trip later this year. So, I’m instead enjoying some relaxing days on campus.

Today I did two workouts – first sprints in the morning, and then lifting in the afternoon. Here’s 15 seconds of the stuff I did:

Then I went to Perkins to have dinner with some girls from the track team. And now I’m just relaxing in my freshly cleaned room.



Bless ya,

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