Rich Hill

Good Morning!

Right now I’m eating my breakfast, and then I’ll head to the track for today’s first workout. Since the dining hall is closed over spring break, I have now for the first time in months, actually had to plan my own meals. When you have a 12-hour dining service right next to your dorm, “food gathering” becomes an unconscious effort – so this feels a little weird.

Anyway, back to the headline! I watched an amazing documentary last night, Rich Hill. The filmmakers somehow managed to tell a tragic story in such a beautiful and “vulnerable” way that it gave me goosebumps. It’s actually more of a feature story than a documentary. It’s about three young boy’s lives in an impoverished Missourian town – Just six hours away from Sioux Falls. I can really recommend everybody to watch it! The film also shows that good storytelling is not just about stunning cinematography, 4k pixel quality or pre-planned plots. Just watch it and you’ll know what I mean!

If you’ve already watched Rich Hill, here’s another recommendation. Finding Vivian Maier.
It’s truly a masterpiece in its own way.


I gotta go, see ya in a bit.

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