Movie time

This week has been really busy! I had three assignments due, two exams and one quiz. They all went pretty well, I hope.

Practice yesterday was great. We ran 200s with two minutes rest in between. I haven’t done this kind of training since January, but it went surprisingly good! After practice we had dinner with the team, and then we all went to our separate rooms. Not having any plans on a friday night felt a little weird, but it was actually wonderful. I spent the night nourishing my film interest by watching two movies instead.

The first one, October Sky is a relatively unknown film, from “all the way back” to 1999. And Even though I’m hard to impress, I really enjoyed this one. It’s a true story with atmospheric cinematography and good acting. Just the way I like it!

Then I watched the Oscar nominated movie “Whiplash.” I was a little biased beforehand, when I realized it was about Jazz music, and seems like the typical “Student deals with teacher from hell, but everything works out in the end-story” My initial scepticism quickly faded away once I realized it had much more to it than that. The cinematography blended perfectly in the with kind of tone and action this film has. In other words, it intensified the already uncomfortable atmosphere, and made the whole story very engaging. I’m sure my heart rate increased drastically during a few of the scenes.

Now, after nine solid hours of sleep, I’m about to head out to practice. Last session of the week! Later today I’ll meet up with some of the track girls to eat dinner at Ruby Tuesday. Then.. maybe watch another movie?

Bless ya,


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