Girl’s Night Out

We spent our Saturday eating at a Mexican restaurant, before we went to an indoor rollerskating rink and then wrapped the night up with visiting the movie theater – again!

I haven’t rollerskated since middle school, but it was so much fun! It felt like a time travel back to the 80s. And even if our skating skills weren’t the best, we were pretty good at keeping the security guards busy… First, I was yelled at for videotaping, but then they said we could take pictures, so we had a little photo session. Then we were yelled at again, because the pictures had to be taken outside the rink. We did as instructed, but after a minute – a clearly annoyed guard gave us another warning for an unknown reason… ? Such bad girls..

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Afterwards we went to the new Disney movie “McFarland USA” which was pretty good, but I’m not sure if it actually was good, or if I was “blinded” by the fact that it was about running. You all know I have a weakness for American sports dramas that are based on true stories ^_^ Anyway, we had a blast!

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