Sexual assault

That headline caught your attention, right? I’ve learned some tricks from my journalism classes. True story. However, if you choose to continue reading, you’ll soon notice that the title is not completely random after all.IMG_5838

Because, I just did my first “journalistic interview” ever. After being assigned to write about sexual assault, I honestly didn’t know what to expect. With no reporting experience, that topic seemed like a pretty rough place to start, but there’s no “starting slow” in this field I guess. Luckily, the people I interviewed were very talkative, and I didn’t have to ask too many questions. To be honest, the actual interview itself went beyond all expectation! The problem came when I was trying to read my own notes afterwards: “What was I trying to write here?” Huh.. what the heck is this?” “Seriously..” Some of the words didn’t even look like English. I’m a terrible multitasker, so that might explain a bit. Listening to my own voice on the audio recorder afterwards was also pretty mortifying, but oh well. I’m here to learn!

Now I’m headed out to have dinner with some friends at “Famous Dave’s,” before I’ll snuggle up in my warm bed and watch Netflix the rest of the night. The temperatures outside have been overwhelmingly cold lately: -18°C today!! The thing about the South Dakota weather is that it always looks warm, but you’re in for a very unpleasant surprise if you dress according to what you see through the window. Take this picture for example:

My newly washed car
My four-wheeled friend, Charlie.

if you just ignore the heap of snow in the back, it looks like one of those nice, sunny, warm and windless days we have in Norway (twice a year..) On the upside, from April through October, the temps are often between 24-35°C.. or.. that’s what I’ve been told. Let’s hope it’s true.
Bless y’all

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