400 000 views on YouTube

I just noticed this morning that my YouTube Channel now has more than 402 000 views! I’ve been rather inactive on YouTube over the past few months, so this number definitely took me by surprise.

I first started uploading videos to get feedback on my high jump form. At the time, I didn’t have a coach, and the only chance I had at receiving any technical advice was through the internet. However, as time went by, I started to use the channel as a place where I could store all the footage I shot. And now, it turns out that some people out there actually watches it!

This is one of my first videos. I was; like most people back then, terrified of revealing my true identity online – hence the rather unspecific title:


The good thing about it, is that I now have my teenage years documented on video. However, looking through some of those older videos, I realize that my passions as a teenager were a little unusual (read: weird.) As an extremely goal oriented person, my interests were often a little on the extreme side too. For example, one day I decided to see how many crunches/sit-ups I could do in a row. So I started counting, and stopped at 1001. I felt very accomplished afterwards, so I told my training buddies about it, but they didn’t believe me: “No way you did a thousand, prove it!” So what did I do? I went back home, found my parent’s video camera and did it all over again. 1108 this time, just to be on the safe side. Here’s the video:

Then, I went through a phase where I was absolutely determined to be the master of handstands:

Followed by a time were track was replaced by Olympic Weightlifting:


Back on track:


Then I inured my leg, and discovered drawing:


Tried out Fitness:


Started training for College:


And then moved to the US to attend College:

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