A Dorm Guest

Good afternoon!

I realize that this type of headline can mean a number of things, but I can assure you it’s not what you think it is. Not implying anything here, just saying that people tend to associate those two words with activities quite different from what I have in mind for this post.

But all enigmatic speech aside, I am, in fact, expecting a guest in my dorm room tomorrow: the TV-station KELO Land asked me to do an interview with them — in the dorms — tomorrow morning. That’s a first, but I actually like the idea. So stay tuned!


Photo: Mike Shafer

As a senior majoring in journalism, I kind of thought I would see my name in the byline more often than in the headline, but this year has been different, and I’m grateful for the opportunities God gives me. He truly works in mysterious ways.

Too see earlier interviews, CLICK HERE.

Now I’ll have to run and drop off my philosophy paper, so talk to you later.


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