Mini-doc: A Place to Belong

Good afternoon!

In my previous post I talked about the mini-documentary I’ve been working on for my photojournalism class — and it’s finally done!

My group — consisting of Taylor Olson, Shi Almont and Kaylyn Deiter — was assigned the “Arts & Entertainment-beat,” so the theatre felt like a natural place to start. But we quickly realized that the three minute-limit was too short — too short for all the amazing stories we found underneath the costumes and behind the stage at the Edith Mortenson Center.

However, I want to thank everyone who helped us out with the interviews we didn’t fit into the film. I still have all the footage, so if I find myself overly bored on the plane across the Atlantic on Wednesday I may extend the whole thing and let everyone’s voices be heard — because you were all amazing.

Now, without further ado, hit the gear-tool to turn on the HD-quality and watch it:

Shot with a Canon T2i Rebel dslr camera.

Sam Mettler, Malia Lukomski and Juvyan Abobakr.

Maria Lavelle — Director, Producer, Editor + Camera and Sound
Kaylyn Deiter — Assisting Camera/Editor
Shi Almont — Assisting Camera/Editor
Taylor Olson — Assisting Camera/Editor
Sarah Kocher — Editing Adviser via Facebook (Everybody could benefit from some Kocher-opinions, just saying.)

People featured in the film:
Andrew Canaan, Jocelyn Schipper, Sage Backer, Alex Meyer, Michal Barnes, Derek Somnis, Katie Jenkins and Tristan Love.

Special thanks to:
Rachel Polan, Matthew Schilling, Alessandra Abel, Jayna Fitzsimmons and the cast of “7×7 Plus One”


2 thoughts on “Mini-doc: A Place to Belong”

  1. It’s great seeing good content in town. Within Sioux Falls, the bar for acceptable arts/media is pretty low. You’re raising it.

    I work as a producer at a local advertising agency and I’d be happy to lend an eye or my thoughts if you ever need it. It’s good to see talent rising.

    You can ask Malia for my information. Good luck!

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