Stage Directorial Debut Yay


I’m just checking in to share that the theatre performances went really well this weekend! If you’ve read my two previous posts you may remember that I directed my first theatre show. Read more HERE and HERE.

My actors, Anita and Coleman, killed it three nights in a row, and I’m so grateful for their hard work. The snow and fog-effects also worked well, so I’m very relieved.

I picked the play “Precipice,” and it’s basically about a young couple who gets stuck on a cliff with a deadly blizzard heading towards them. They have two choices: To jump into the fog and hope they’ll land on the ledge they jumped off earlier that morning, or wait for the storm to hit. The fog gets thicker and thicker each minute and they’re running out of time, so needless to say, it’s not exactly a comedy, but I liked it because of the big questions it raises about faith and believing in what you can’t see.

This is a picture from the dress rehearsal without the fog and snow, but you get the idea. With Coleman Peterson and Anita Raile.

Like you already know, I’ve never been a theatre fanatic, but over the past year I’ve really learned to like it. I picked up a theatre minor to improve my directing skills, because even if theatre acting is much bigger and bolder than film, it’s the same concept, and the communication between a director and a stage actor is the same as with a film actor = useful.

This is what we look like after I tried to smoke an eyeliner. Photo: Alessandra Abel.

We started rehearsal six weeks ago, and I’m impressed these two put up with all my ideas and awkward self-composed words that suddenly became very present when I tried to express my creativeness in English, haha. I’ve realised that normal conversation and creative visions require a completely different set of English skills, haha. At least we’ve laughed a lot!

I’m so happy I stepped outside my comfort zone and joined the “theatre gang” almost two years ago. This has been a very valuable experience, and I’m excited to translate everything I’ve learned onto the screen.

Ladies in black. Director Rachel Poland and Stage Manager Michal Barnes.

Bless you all,

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