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If you’ve read my previous posts, you may remember that I’ve traveled from coast to coast in the past couple of weeks: From Los Angeles to Washington DC, and then to New York City. Therefore, I found the headline above to be decently fitting.

It also happens to be a line from Adele’s song “Hello,” and the fact that I’m able to reference a song is just astonishing! (You all know that — with the exception of the Christian radio in my car — I don’t really listen to music, ever, haha)

Anyway, after a number of delayed flights on Thursday morning, we made it to Washington DC 14 hours later. I honestly didn’t mind all the waiting because 14 hours is still way shorter than the normal 24 hours it takes to get back and forth to Norway, but I kept that to myself — I didn’t feel the need to add more weight to my reputation of being a so-called “track mom” lol.

Anna Stritecky, Taylor Olsen, Elin Haegeland, me and Julie Vu.

Throughout the next two days we attended several journalism sessions at the Associated Collegiate Press conference at the Grand Hyatt Hotel.

The highlight of the conference was probably when we skyped with Edward Snowden. If you don’t know who he is shame on you please go see the new movie about him. It’s great!

Edward Snowden.

Then on Saturday my dear professor, Jeffrey, and the rest of the group threw an amazing birthday party for me! We went out for pizza, before they surprised me with a six-inch tall s’mores cake at the hotel. One of the best birthdays ever <3



We also visited the Lincoln Memorial, where Martin Luther King Jr. held his legendary “I have a dream”-speech (and where Forrest Gump was reunited with his Jenny)


Staying true to our roots.. heh. If only. Naras Prameswari.

Then we got a tour inside the The Washington Post’s newsroom, before we sat in on their morning conference! For a journalist that’s as neat as it gets, sort of.


Lincoln Memorial. Photo: Matthew Housiaux.

In addition to all that, we went to the National Gallery of Art to see Da Vinci, Monet and Van Gogh’s masterpieces, the Newseum, and Chinatown.

Taylor’s favorite painting 😉
Chinatown with Elin Haegeland, Taylor Olson, Julie Vu and Anna Stritecky.

My dear friend and running partner from Augustana, Matthew, now works as a White House-reporter in DC (yes, that’s as cool as it sounds) and I’m so glad we got to catch up over breakfast! We had so much to talk about that we both got back too late for our appointments, but whatever, friends first, haha!


Yesterday, the Augustana crew flew back to Sioux Falls, and I took the bus to New York for a couple of errands, and now I’m here. I’ll tell you more about that later.

Have a blessed afternoon,

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