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Good afternoon!

I’m on my way to Santa Monica Beach, but I’ll try to squeeze in a short little post first. I made it to LA on Wednesday, and since then I’ve attended film screenings, participated in panel discussions, Q&As, walked up and down the red carpet, gone to parties, exchanged business cards, showered off all the makeup, and slept — before it all repeated itself again the next day.


Haha, I know some of you got stuck in the “gone to parties” sentence above, but before you let your mind tell you what that means, let me explain. I’m NOT talking about the red-plastic-cup-kind-of-party where you play beer-pong, get wasted, smoke weed and grind on the dance floor — because you all know I HATE those kinds of parties, and that I avoid them to the best of my ability.

From the screening of Over the Bridge.

I’m talking about the types of parties where you dress up, walk around with a glass in your hand — pretending your high-heeled shoes aren’t slowly killing you — while you introduce yourself to other filmmakers and producers, exchange business cards, talk about projects and eat vegan snacks. Apparently, that’s what they call a “Hollywood party” haha! I think, after two decades on earth, I have finally found a type of party I like.

Anyway, Over the Bridge screened on Friday and was followed by a Q&A! To me, it was a big deal just to screen in the LA Live Regal cinemas downtown, so the good response was just a bonus! I also got it touch with a filmmaker who had made a film about homelessness in the LA area, and it was really interesting to see how much the location actually influences the issue.

From the Q&A
From the Q&A in the Regal Cinema Theatre.

I just wish Sarah Kocher and the rest of the production team could be here with me. This would never have been possible without your support and efforts out in the January cold earlier this year! You’re the best <3

I know I’m repeating myself, but I also want to thank Cinema Falls for funding this whole trip, the amazing faculty and students at Augustana, my two dear journalism professors Janet Blank-Libra and Jeffrey Miller, my family and first of all, God.

I’ll write more about everything else and post more pictures later, but thanks for stopping by!

Bless you all,

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