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You know that feeling when you meet someone, and you just have an instant connection? You can stare at each other for the longest of times, and the seconds seem to be floating away like soap bubbles on a windy day. It doesn’t feel awkward, but you’re still not sure when he’ll make a move. The thoughts are running through your head, and the adrenalin is pumping in your veins. For a moment you forget about everything else. You move closer. He looks at you, and you’re trying to read his mind through his hazel-brown eyes. No moves. He just looks at you, and you ask yourself: Is he intimidated by me? Did I go too fast? Am I getting too close? What happens next? Could I have done anything differently?

Well, these are the thoughts running through the head of a photographer standing face to face — face to camera lens — with a wild animal.

You see, I’ve never been much of an animal person, because I happen to be allergic to every little fury creature out there, but lately I’ve been approached by a number of “wild” animals and we’ve had some pretty intimate moments together, so I figured I’d share it with you all, haha!

You all know I stumbled upon a hedgehog a few weeks ago, right?


Well, nothing too extraordinary about that. But on Tuesday, I met this little guy when I was out photographing in Falls Park!


We stared at each other for a long time. It’s fascinating how close he let me come before he realized he had to somewhere he had to be, and left.

Rachel spotted him first, but I was fortunate enough to get some real close-ups of him. (I refer to him as “him” because I don’t know what he is … Chipmunk-squrriel-rat-thingy?)

And yesterday, I was almost ran over by four deer when I was out running! Yes, FOUR DEER! (Or deers like I initially wrote, but apparently there are no s‘s in the plural form of deer, so…)

Even as exciting as it sounds, it was actually a less pleasant experience, at least compared to the majestic moments I had with the squrriel-thingy the day before.

It was an early morning and I enjoyed the sound of my own running shoes crunching on the gravel path in Sertoma Park when I heard some intense crackling, and suddenly saw the deer cross the path right in front of me. Out of pure instinct I grabbed my phone and snapped a number of blurry pictures before they got too far away.

Unfortunately I had just updated the software on my iPhone the day before, so by the time I finally managed to access the camera, two of them had already run off. But I did get these two!



When you spend the majority of your time either running from class to class, studying or attending meetings and classes indoors, it’s pretty refreshing to meet beings who don’t give a crap about how stressed you are, or how much homework you have. They’re just there, and you get to visit their world for a second or two. Simply beautiful.

Have a blessed evening,

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