Street Photography

I’ve always wanted to try real street photography, and today I had an excuse to actually do it. As a part of an assignment for photojournalism, Naras and I went downtown for a little photo session.

According to the pros, it’s not real street photography unless the subjects are unaware of the camera. So you should try to move around as discretely as possible without them noticing a piece of their life is being perpetuated in the form of photography. You can talk to them afterwards, of course, but you want to capture them wearing their most natural facial expression, so they better not know you’re there!

First Steps. Photo: Maria Lavelle

The shadows caused by the sun made it kind of difficult to get clean-looking shots, but I’m still pretty happy with how they turned out.

#RelationshipGoals Photo: Maria Lavelle

Few things fascinate me more than people, so this was actually tons of fun!

The world seen through the eyes of the tall. Photo: Maria Lavelle
Date. Photo: Maria Lavelle
Taco Love. Photo: Maria Lavelle

Naras even managed to sneak up on me during the shoot! That’s easily the best performance of the day. Hands down.

Photo: Naras Prameswari

I want to thank you all for the congratulations, comments and likes on my previous post by the way. More than 230 shares!

Love you,

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