Over the Bridge is going to Hollywood

Hey all!

The title is a littleĀ sensationalistic — but to us this is a sensation — so I don’t care. I just got to know that Over the Bridge has been selected for the 2016 Awareness Film Festival in Los Angeles!


Out of all the festivals we applied to, this one was very high up on our list of festivals we really wanted to get into, because it’s a real fest with live screenings, it has a good reputation and no online-awards nonsense.

It’ll be screened in the LA Live Regal Cinema Theatre on October 14th. I’ve never been in California, so I’m very excited! I also have a couple of other errands to do in LA while I’m there, but I’ll tell you more about that later.

The Cinema Falls community has been a tremendous support for us in this process. Photo: Julie Anderson Friesen/Cinema Falls.

The travel expenses are sponsored by Cinema Falls. And I want to give a huge thanks to the founder, Julie Anderson Friesen, for her amazing mentorship during this process.

I just wish my dear friend and co-producer of the film, Sarah Kocher, could be there with me, but knowing that she’s in the UK chasing dreams makes me feel a little better about going all by myself.

Well, I know I might be repeating myself, but I’m just beyond grateful for how well Over the Bridge has been received so far. When Sarah and I started talking about film projects on the airplane to Austin last fall, we certainly didn’t have any of this in mind! Our initial plan was just to make a film we could show to our professors for some constructive feedback over a cup of coffee. We got a full house at the premiere, four film festival acceptances — and most importantly — the opportunity to bring attention to a social issue through several public screenings and TV-interviews, and a Cinema Falls event instead.


I want to thank everyone who backed our Kickstarter campaign and helped us pay for the entrance fees! None of the festivals would’ve been possible without your support. You’re all amazing.

Now lets hope we can spread the message about homelessness so far it actually makes a difference.

Bless you all,

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