Sharks and Renovation

Since last update I’ve mostly spent time with my family, but I’ve also helped Rannveig and her boyfriend renovate their new apartment. My experience with refurbishment is very limited, but we figured it out, somehow.

Photo: Rannveig Froestad

I have, after all, touched a painter’s pole before, but for other reasons than redecorating walls. As a filmmaker on tight (read: non-existent) budgets, I’ve learned to find alternative ways to do things.

Which is why I figured that painter’s poles can work as cheap boom-poles for microphones.

Do it yourself-boompole, 2014.

Other than helping them out, I joined my sister, Celena, and her boyfriend to catch a movie a couple of days ago. (I love that they always let me third-wheel their dates, haha) We watched The Shallows (2016) with Blake Lively, and without spoiling too much I can say that it’s drama/horror thriller about a shark. I enjoyed it, but it was — like the title implies — sort of shallow. I would’ve wanted more depth and texture, and less predictability. But this post isn’t supposed to be a review, so I’ll get to my point shortly.

You all know I LOVE shark-movies, right? I think I’ve seen every single one since Jaws (1975), but that’s not the strange thing.

Screen Shot 2016-08-16 at 13.13.09
Jaws T-shirts are the best.

What’s interesting is that I seem to be thinking about sharks all the time — and as a result,  I’ve discovered a hidden talent for making artsy food-sharks with the remainders of the food on my plate.

I know it’s rediculously childish to play with your food, but it’s kind of like an uncounscious thing for me. I just do it while talking to everyone else around the table, and by the time the waiter comes to get the plates, or when it’s time to leave, I suddenly notice the creations I’ve put together.

Here’s a grilled chicken-shark, for example.


If you look past the orange color, you’ve got to admit it’s not too shabby, huh?


I’ve made them in all different kinds of variations, and here’s a slightly friendlier cheese-version, lol.


If the only way I get to express my inner artist is through left-overs on plates, I think maybe I’m surpressing my creative sides a little too much, haha. I should make another film soon.

Now I’ll go out and enjoy the sun, so talk to you later.


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