A proud moment in the kitchen

Good evening!

The weather in Haugesund has been exceptionally bad this summer. A couple of days ago the thermometer showed 7°C (47°F) — It wasn’t even that cold when I got back here for Christmas last year!

Since going to the beach was out of the question I decided to bake something. I wrote a post about my ridiculously poor kitchen skills earlier this summer. Read it HERE.

If you read it, you probably remember how proud I was when all of the cakes turned out okay, and that Karen and I completely messed up, and had to throw away three batches of our “Skillingsboller” (Cinnamon rolls) last time we tried. After that I thought I’d never find the inspiration to give that particular baked good another try.

I don’t know if it was the weather or what, but yesterday I suddenly found a tremendous motivation to try again.

This is how to dress for a rainy bake-day. #Sexy

Three bad batches and an ounce humiliation wasn’t going to define my skills in the kitchen, so I read the instructions thoroughly, asked my mom for a million tips during the process —



They turned out amazing! I almost wanted to shed a tear when I saw how beautiful they were. I made these little masterpieces, I fought the rigid dough and sculpted them into several wonderful cinnamon-filled knots. I’m so proud!


I don’t want to compare it to giving birth or anything, because I’ve never had to experience that, but after my dad’s comment I’m afraid I’ll have to.

He walked into the kitchen with a face like this:

Screen Shot 2016-08-14 at 17.39.41

Not bad, not bad Maria. He was clearly proud.

Then he glanced over to the corner of the table… where I’d tried to hide.. ehm… the baked thing that reminded me of why I’m not known for being a talented cook or baker.


It was supposed to be a Norwegian sweet pretzel. It looked great before it raised in the oven, I promise. I’m a pretty good ceramic sculptors, so I was happy with the design. But oh well.

My dad looked at it and laughed: “What’s this? It looks like a birth.”

Once you let your imagination work on that for a second or two, you’ll probably regret I encouraged your brain to think down those lanes, but I can assure you it was NOT supposed to look like that — at all!

My dad is a very decent man, by the way.

Anyway, this whole baking experience was — compared to earlier attempts — very rewarding. I’ll post this picture again, so that you can leave this post with a good impression of my efforts.



Screen Shot 2016-08-14 at 18.25.00

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