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Good afternoon!

I want to thank you all for the positive feedback I got on my post about the dark side of fitness. The number of views reached an all-time high that day!

For a while I thought the one about the pervert who tried to sexually assault me would stand as my most-read entry for ever, but I guess not. I’m glad we got that one knocked down to a second place. Thank you!

Anyway, let’s get to the headline.

A little while back I had the pleasure of doing a photo shoot with two of my dear friends, Hanne and Cecilie. Hanne probably looks familiar to some of you, and that’s not strange at all. She was one of the stars of my documentary “More than a Number” last summer. Watch it HERE.

We actually started planning this photo shoot at a training camp in Portugal in 2014, but we’ve put it off until now because, you know, we live on different continents. The level of excitement was, therefore, rather high when it finally worked out.

The weather was pretty terrible, but we managed to squeeze in some shots despite the rain and thunder (and snail invasion on the lawn)

Hanne Steinstø: Photo: Maria Lavelle 2016
Cecilie Udstuen 2016
Cecilie Udstuen. Photo: Maria Lavelle 2016

I don’t know about you, but I couldn’t help but to think that this photo oozes of real model-vibes. That look.

Hanne Steinstø. Photo: Maria Lavelle 2016

Black and white always does the trick.

Hanne Steinstø. Photo: Maria Lavelle 2016.
Cecilie Udstuen. Photo: Maria Lavelle 2016
Hanne Steinstø. Photo: Maria Lavelle 2016

Okay, okay. The photographer stepped in front of the lens for a second, as well.

Maria Lavelle. Photo: Cecilie Udstuen 2016

I haven’t done much portrait photography in the past, but I’ve observed hundreds of portraits for hundreds of hours while drawing, so maybe it was about time to start shooting some myself.

Drawing 2012

I should write a post about that some other time, because right now I suddenly got an urge to start drawing again. It’s been a while.

Such photogenic creatures…

Hanne Steinstø and Maria Lavelle. Photo: Cecilie Udstuen 2016

To see my earlier attempts at portrait photography, click HERE

Have a blessed day,

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