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My fellow Norwegian Augustana Viking, Elin, and I promised each other we’d post at least five blog entries a week all through July. I just realized July ended yesterday, but whatever, I’ll keep posting.

Five posts a week was way more work than I had anticipated — probably because sitting down to write stuff wasn’t the most exciting thing to do after writing all day at work. But it wasn’t all that bad. Especially the Q&A-post seemed to be a success. I still haven’t had the chance to answer all of the questions, but I’ll do it later this week. Stay tuned!

Today I had my last summer shift at the newspaper. Throughout this past month I’ve written a total of 26 stories, including five front page stories.

I really appreciate that — even if I still have a year left of my Bachelor’s degree — I was allowed to work alongside real journalists in the newsroom. Valuable experience, indeed!

The van <3

I was a little sad walking into the office this morning, knowing it was my last day there and all. But things got better when I opened my e-mail where some guy was asking if he could use my most recent story, about humanitarian work and Syrian refugees, for something called “Rix.”

I was like “Uhm, no way! That’s plagiarism. I ain’t givin’ my work to some random guy on that e-mail thaang. I spent a long time on that piece!”

But, thankfully, I didn’t reply just yet. Instead, I asked one of my colleagues what to do, and she said “Congrats, that’s really good.” But I still walked over to the copy editor to make sure. She was thrilled, and told me the e-mail was from a paper that collects stories to publish in the national publication called “Rix.”


“National paper? Huh, okay then. Go ahead, please!”

Haha, I’m a total noob.

Anyway, the bottom line is that this internship has taught me a lot, but it has also enlightened me of all the things I don’t know. I’m pretty sure I drove my colleagues crazy the first week with my endless stream of questions:

“Why is there a red line under ‘August’ on my computer? What do you mean ‘all lowercase?’ Not capitalized? So August is supposed to be written without a big ‘A’? Norwegian is soo weeeird, OMG.”

“Where are the quotation marks on this keyboard? Oh, it doesn’t exist in Norwegian? Okay then. Good to know.

“Can I really paraphrase direct quotes? Woww, freedom.”

“My sources have the right to read through my story before it’s published? And I thought Americans were obsessed with their rights! Seriously…”

I also feel bad for the copy editors who had to deal with all that American-style punctuation and weird sentences I exposed them to the first week… but it must’ve gotten better. If five of the stories ended on the front page, and “Rix” wanted the refugee-story, I mean. So that’s good. Thanks for sticking with me.

Bless y’all,

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