I don’t like the Seagulls in Stavanger

Yesterday I went to Stavanger to visit one of my former track mates, Victoria. She was the first one I got to know when I first stepped onto the track here in Haugesund more than ten years ago.

Christmas party with the team 2010. Photo: Line Valen

Even though we only see each other once a year, we always have such an incredibly great time together. Yesterday was no different. We went to a café to eat pastries — without coffee. I think she’s the only friend I have left that doesn’t drink coffee, and that makes me feel less alone in this world.

I was thinking about starting a support-group for those few remaining souls passed 20 that detests the taste of the brown liquid, but after the date with Victoria I feel much better about the whole thing.


After an unknown number of people had passed through the doors of the little café called “Ostehuset” (The Cheesehouse) we checked our phones and realized almost three hours had gone by!

In the “Colorstreet” in Stavanger

By the time we left we’d gotten hungry again, so we stopped by a bakery to buy “Solskinnsboller” (Sunshine rolls). As we were walking by the marina and eating our rolls, I suddenly felt something drop down into my paper bag.

Apparently some ugly-ass seagull didn’t think I needed those extra calories, and decided to send down a dollop of stool — right onto my beautiful sunshine roll.

You can’t see it that well, but at least it didn’t get on my clothes, or my head! (Victoria got to experience a full-body seagull-poop-shower last week)

Luckily, Victoria is always prepared for everything, so she supplied me with an antibacterial wet-napkin. About ten minutes later, my feet had had enough of walking in new shoes, so she gave me a blister band-aid. She’s Miss Convenient herself! Thanks Vicky <3

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