Film Fest in New Jersey

Good afternoon!

Today I’ve mostly just been hanging around the house, cleaning and organizing my closet (which should be an easy task — I have practically no clothes, lol) But it took me quite a while anyway.

My scrawny wardrobe is caused by the single fact that I spend all my time and money on film stuff, heh… It’s not that I don’t have clothes, it’s just that I don’t have a lot of them. But that’s fine. No one forces me to make those priorities.

Well, enough chitchat. The reason I logged in here was to tell you that Sarah and I just got an acceptance letter from The Brightside Tavern Shorts Fest in New Jersey! Yay.

BSTSFF 2016 Selection Laurel (1)

It’s a small festival, but we got in — and that’s what matters! We’re also nominated for the “Best Student Doc Award”

Over the Bridge” has, so far, been selected to film festivals on the West Coast, the Midwest and now the East Coast. We would never have anticipated that a few months ago.

When Sarah and I first started this project our only plan was to show it to our professors, and get some feedback that would help us improve our film skills. We never intended for it to even be screened outside of campus, so this is pretty cool.

I also have to say that none of the festival stuff would’ve been possible had it not been for the wonderful people who backed our kickstarter campaign this spring. All the entry fees are paid for by the donors who believed in our film!

So a huge thanks to you all!

Bless you,

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