“Norwegian Premiere”

I just got back from yet another screening of “Over the Bridge,” and as I’m writing this I’m filled with a feeling of thankfulness and relief.

My expectations for this screening were pretty low for more than one reason:
July is the official vacation-month in Norway, (Yup, there is such a thing over here)
so the majority of my friends and acquaintances were either out-of-town or working. To make things worse — the biggest soccer game of the year just happened to be at the exact time of the screening.

Photo: Karl Karlsen

Obviously, the turnout didn’t come close to our US premiere where we reached maximum occupancy 30 minutes before the film even started, or the Cinema Falls event that almost sold out a day before, but I’m very satisfied with how things went today.

People actually showed up, and I got lots of positive feedback after. It was fun!

The Q&A afterwards made me miss Sarah Kocher (Co-producer) even more. Photo: Karl Karlsen

The fact that the action is set to an American city no one has even heard about didn’t seem to hamper their enthusiasm either.

As a bonus I got to catch up with my lovely teacher from elementary school, several people from high school and track. There were some new faces as well.

Photo: Karl Karlsen

I truly appreciated the presence of all of you.

Screen Shot 2016-07-16 at 18.35.14

I give God the creds for this entire project,

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