Cali Vibes in Haugesund

Thanks to everyone who stopped by the blog yesterday. The post about my uncle’s climbing reached so many views it’s now my second most popular entry — right behind the one about sexual assault from June last year. Thankfully, this one reached its popularity because of something far more fun than last year’s hit.

I also hope you locals read the newspaper yesterday, because I wrote no less than five full pages of it, wohoo.

Some of you may have noticed there was an awkward mistake in the one about the new pharmacy in town. The name of the location somehow disappeared after I sent it off to the desk, so it was a less pleasant experience opening my e-mail later that day. Ugh, the paper-readers in Haugesund sure pay attention to us reporters! At least I could hold onto the comfort of knowing it wasn’t my fault 😉

After work I went out to have pizza with Celena and Sofie before we headed to the beach.


The light was gorgeous last night btw. California vibes <3

Pretty ladies

Bless y’all,

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