Family Rivalry

My uncle and I have always been true competitors, and there hasn’t been a family gathering without us challenging each other in some ridiculous activity. We’ve tried everything from sprints to planks and Russian cossack dancing (he ALWAYS beats me in the latter. Man, that guy is a pro! You should see him)

This time he challenged me to hang from the bridge in a park nearby with my bare hands, for then to climb back up. It’s so much harder than it looks!

Watch the video below and see for yourself, haha.

Caution: No animals nor humans were injured in this production. That is, if you exclude the severe muscle soreness I experienced the next couple of days — I decided to take a break from working out, you know.

By the way, this is NOT his film debut. He’s in a real movie that will be released this coming fall. Oh yes! He’s on the casting list for one of my future movies, so watch out for this guy, folks!

I love you uncle Remi. If I didn’t already know how cool you are I wouldn’t have deared to post this <3

Screen Shot 2016-07-11 at 19.41.42

Bless you all,

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