First Day at Work

I just completed my first day at Haugesunds Avis, and now I’m waiting for my pancakes to be done so I’ll try to squeeze in a post before they’re ready to be consumed. Yes, in Norway pancakes are not just for breakfast.

Today I mostly worked on getting the hang of the different layout and photo editing programs, but I did get my very own story assigned, so I spent a significant amount of time writing, calling sources and scheduling interviews as well.


I even had to drive around in one of the reporter cars — which happened to have a stick shift… Heh… I got my Norwegian license on a stick shift back in 2012, but I’ve lived in the US for so long I’d almost forgotten sticks were still a thing. I managed okay, but let’s just say I’m glad I was alone in the car those first minutes! Not long after, the car started feeling like the Toyota it was — and not some uncontrollable spaceship — so I drove back feeling rather accomplished.

Did I mention I got my own desk? Grown up-points.


Now I better run and save those pancakes, so I’ll get back to you later.


Bless you,

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