Bright Nights and Writing Samples


People have actually requested some more journalistic content on here, so today I spent several hours renovating the blog, page by page. Please do me a favor and check it out — I did this for you, haha! There are now two new buttons in the menu above; one with the very original name “Maria” on it, and one with “Writing Samples.” Check it out, pleeeeaseeeh.

By the way, I went to see the movie Me Before You yesterday. You all know I used to go to the movies five times a week last year — that was before the exchange rate between US Dollars and Norwegian Kroner messed up my personal economy… and before I made myself too busy to endulge in that sort of luxury — but now that I don’t go as often, it’s even more fun!

I LOVED this film! I didn’t read the book, and even if it was kind of predictable I just really enjoyed it. You know how it is when you just completely forget yourself for a while? That’s what this movie does to you. Emilia Clarke’s acting performance itself was well worth the 15 bucks.

Midnight in downtown Haugesund. The bright little dot in the sky is actually the moon. I felt like a tourist in my own hometown taking this picture, I had completely forgotten that the sun never truly sets here in the summer.

Now my family and Eddie the Eagle is waiting for me in the “Lavelle theater” downstairs. So talk to you soon!


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