The post-semester blues

During the school year I start the day looking forward to getting all my classes, homework, assignments, tests, meetings and errands over with. I start the week looking forward to the weekend, and I start the month looking forward to the next break. And bam! The semester ends and I’m supposed to feel an immense sense of relief, but instead I find myself in a weird state of being so relaxed I almost feel stressed. Where did all the deadlines, tight schedules and stress go?

I’ve completed all my papers, gotten all A’s, directed a documentary, ran a half marathon, and the summer vacation I’ve been waiting for is finally here. Every night since January I’ve been staggering to bed, exhausted from the day’s stress and I’ve been longing for the freedom of going to bed without setting an alarm, craving long dates with my Netflix account and laying on the beach until my hair looks like fried wool (Yup that happened once… ultra blonde highlights + salt water = terrible combo) and hanging out with my family and old friends without having the feeling of “should’ve done this and that.” I really should feel accomplished and satisfied, but now I actually miss the deadlines and tight schedules. Haha, how’s that even possible?

The room I called home for a year is now packed into seven boxes and stored inside a dark basement, waiting to be unpacked and placed inside my new little home in the fall. The people I interacted with every day are thousands of miles away, the food I had finally gotten used to has been replaced by light Norwegian-style meals, and all my routines have been thrown out of whack by the seven-hour timezone difference.

Please don’t misunderstand — I LOVE my family, we’re extremely close and not a day goes by that I’m not missing them when I’m in the US. But even if I’m surrounded by the people I love the most I feel kind of homesick.

Only people who have lived far away from home will understand what I’m talking about, but that’s the beauty of living on two different continents and being able to spend time in both places. I wouldn’t have traded it for the world.

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Have a blessed afternoon,

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