Slack(lin)ing at the beach

Today I started the morning off with a beautiful run before I grabbed some breakfast and headed down to my little “editing room” in my parents house.

I’m not working on a new project at the moment, but figured I should add some Norwegian subtitles to “Over the Bridge.” Sarah and I are also thinking about applying to some Scandinavian film festivals, so I’d have to translate it all at one point anyway, and believe it or not, I’ve actually missed editing!

Since last time I’ve caught up with some more friends and on Sunday we had a barbecue party at the beach. Most of my friends who are in college here in Norway are in the midst of their final exams, but those of us who were free for the night had a blast.


Two of my buddies are skilled slackliners, and after having watched them walk elegantly across the wobbly half-inch wide rope-thing without touching the ground I climbed onto it with great confidence. I did, after all, want to work in a circus when I was a kid — hence my weird passion for handstands — so I kind of thought this would be my thing. But oh lord, it was so much harder than it looked!

To watch my precious attempts click on the video below, haha!

Well, now I better get back to the subtitles, so talk to you soon!

Bless you,

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