I’m here, I promise.

It’s been two weeks since I left America for the summer, and with my lousy updates one might think I got lost somewhere over the Atlantic, but I’m here — in Norway — I promise!

Like I wrote in my last post, I caught a nasty cold shortly after I got back, and the truth is that I’ve mostly been sleeping and watching movies with the fam since then. I felt slightly better when Karen texted me and said she felt like she was dying too, we’ll blame it on Brittany — she got sick first. Haha, jk. She’s too adorable to blame for anything.

Anyway, I probably needed that extra time to recharge after an intense semester.

Pancakes at Granny’s

Yesterday I even indulged in a 90-minute massage — which is a luxury I don’t treat myself with as often as I used to. When I trained 12 times a week as a track athlete and Olympic weightlifter I saw a physiotherapist regularly, but now — with the exception of my half marathon last month — I don’t compete or work out enough to make massages a part of my weekly routine. But all the studying, film editing and hours of shooting hand-held video I’ve done lately has put its toll on my body so I gave Orawan a call. She’s worked with athletes for years and knows my muscles so well I don’t even have to tell her where it hurts, she can literally just “feel” it. She’s, by far, the best massage therapist I’ve ever been to. To all my local and active readers: Please consider trying out Orawan’s sports massage.

This morning I went on a run, and gosh, I had completely forgotten how many hills we have here! I’m pretty sure my family lives in the flattest city in Norway, but compared to the straight paved streets in Sioux Falls.. it doesn’t feel flat… at all. It was nice though, just a little hard.


Now I’ll run som errands, so talk to ya soon.


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