A Great Ending to a Great Semester

If you read my previous post you might remember that we were invited to show our film at a Cinema Falls event on Wednesday! After a long and busy day it was great to be able to show up to such an incredibly well-organized event. The host, Julie Andersen Friesen, made sure we felt truly appreciated as filmmakers, and for the first time, Sarah and I were able to focus solely on talking about the film — without worrying about the logistics of pulling off an event, like we had to do for the Augustana premiere.

Actually, the screening was close to sold-out an hour before the doors opened, so I think we can say that it was a success!


Photo: Robert Kolbe

Photo: Cinema Falls


Even if this was our third screening of “Over the Bridge” I was almost more nervous this time. Because, like I said at the Sioux Empire Film Festival, showing your work to people who knows what good filmmaking is supposed to look like is much more intimidating than showing it to your college friends (who will tell you it’s great no matter what) But the response from the audience was great!

Photo: Rachel Johnston

After the event we went out to eat, and then I had to do the final touches of my packing before I flew to Norway.


I don’t think I can describe how wonderful it felt to see my parents in the waiting hall at the airport after almost six months of (terribly blurred and glitchy) communication through Skype.

I truly enjoyed the first couple of days, but then I caught a cold the following day and ended up sleeping 12-13 hours several nights in a row! Isn’t it weird how you feel great when you’re busy, but as soon as you slow down you suddenly realize how absolutely exhausted you’ve been?

I guess being a fulltime student, section editor in the yearbook, director of a documentary while also training for a half marathon was a little draining after all.

But since I won’t start my internship until next month, I’ll force myself to actually relax for a couple of weeks first — and I’ll also try to keep this blog somewhat alive.

Bless you all,

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