Radio Interview, Cinema Falls and Packing

I’m officially done with all finals for the semester, but that doesn’t mean I have time to relax just yet. I started the day with a short run (the first one since the half marathon) before I went to the Original Pancake House with Brittany and Karen.

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Then Sarah and I did a radio interview for the Dakota Midday Show with Lori Walsh about our Cinema Falls event tonight. As you know I did a couple of TV-interviews earlier this year, but I actually think live radio is much more intimidating. Oh well, I’ll post a link when it’s out.

I’m incredibly excited about the opportunity to show Over the Bridge at Cinema Falls tonight!! Not only does it allow us to spread the message about homelessness even further, but the people who attend these events are experienced film watchers, so we might be able to get some guidance and feedback from people who know what they’re talking about!

The tickets are going fast, so if you plan on attending, make sure you purchase in advance!

After the interview I had a meeting, and now I better go and move all my stuff to the summer storage. Ugh, it was almost a little sad packing away my “American home” and stuffing it into boxes yesterday. But I’ll have a bigger room next year, so I’ll just look forward to unpacking it all again then.

Also, before I forget. I did take some time to celebrate the Norwegian Constitution Day yesterday. Just look!

Bless you all,

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