Pancake Extravaganza

One of the many perks of being a journalism major at a small University is that you get a familial relationship to your fellow students and professors.

Woah, that sounded like something you’d read in one of those college catalogues they give to you in high school, but, you know, it’s true!

This past Saturday, our lovely journalism parents/professors, Janet and Jeffrey —  made sure we didn’t get too focused on our homework by inviting us all over to brunch.

By Naras Prameswari

These beautiful photos were shot my dear Indonesian Tante Kalkun (Aka Naras Prameswari)
Even if it never works, I’ll try to explain our little inside joke. Tante Kalkun means “Auntie Turkey” and we just happened to discover that those two words are the exact same in both Norwegian and Indonesian, pretty kewl.

By Naras Prameswari
Julie, me and Rachel. Photo by Naras Prameswari
Naras has got some nice “over the shoulder framing” going with her photography. Five stars 😉

Right now I’m watching Netflix and eating pizza before I’ll do an early tuck-in. I’ll have to wake up at 4:00 AM tomorrow, but more about that later!

Have a delightful evening all,

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