First Film Festival on the West Coast. Will You Vote for Us?

Hello dear readers,

I have some exciting news to share! Our documentary, “Over the Bridge” has been accepted to the Los Angeles CineFest 2016!

Screen Shot 2016-05-08 at 12.56.46

We didn’t expect to even get into any festivals on the West Coast, so this is awesome! And you all know that just the name “Los Angeles” itself is enough to give me butterflies, haha.

Anyway, this isn’t a huge festival, but it’s and audience fest — which means that they give all of you an opportunity to vote!

Will you vote for us?


All you have to do it so fill out your name, e-mail address and type in Over the Bridge in the biggest box.

There’s no registration, and it’ll only take you about 14 seconds, depending on how long your name is. Yes, I timed it. (I do those things… a side-effect of being a former track athlete, I guess)


Once again, I’d like to give a huge thanks to all of the donors who helped us cover the festival fees! This would not have been possible without you!

Bless you,
Maria Lavelle

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