Sugar Rushes and Jump Starts

Five weeks ago Brittany, Karen and I signed a contract with each other where we promised not to eat any sugar or junk food until May 20th. But our contract allows us to have one cheat meal, so yesterday we decided to go to our favorite place in town: Cold Stone Creamery — they simply have the best ice cream in the world, so this was a quite the occasion!

And oh man, we were in for the sugar rush of the century! Who needs drugs or alcohol when you have Cold Stone?! Karen came up with a few very explicit ways of describing the high (that I won’t repeat here, haha) It’s just truly fascinating how sugar works if you’ve deprived your body from it for five full weeks. It’s almost frightening actually — how most people have developed such a high tolerance for it — because it’s powerful stuff.

I ordered the smallest cup, but it was so sweet I almost felt nauseous. Karen and Brittany can testify that I’m usually capable of devouring what looks like gallon of creamy deliciousness… so I think it’ll be a while until I even want to expose my taste buds to such sweetness again, ugh!

This picture is from last year, when my sugar tolerance was significantly higher, haha

Anyway, as soon as the sugar entered our blood stream, my dear Charlie (aka my car) passed out. He refused to start, but we didn’t worry — partially because of the sugar euphoria — but mostly because we do, after all, live in Sioux Falls. (Thank God for Midwestern niceness) Less than a minute later, a group of people walked up to us and gave us a jump-start. We barely even had time to understand what happened before we were back on the road again.

Yes, I gave one of them a hug as a “thanks for the help,” because, you know, I’m a hugger. But according to Karen I paid them with my body…

Then we almost got lost, or… Well, I somehow managed to take the wrong turn a block from Campus. Yes, believe me, my two blonde friends gave me a hard time for that as well…as if they hadn’t already mocked me enough about the hug. Oh dear. I forgive them <3

As soon as I got to the parking lot at Augie, Charlie lost consciousness again… and my glasses broke.


Dejavu to this day in January — minus the frost bite, of course.


But it was, overall, a sweet evening.

(Get it? Sweet? As in sugar? Because of the ice cream? You know? Okay, you got it.)

Bless you all,

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