We took realism to a new level in acting class today

Hello all,

I just got back from acting class where we performed a scene from the play “Mama Drama.” We did NOT pick this scene on our own, but the realism of it all is pretty striking. Just hang on: I played a runner who’s about to adopt a baby from a pregnant teenager. As you all know, I’m (sort of) a runner and I’ve always said I want to adopt a baby, but the best part is that my co-star, Alli, who played the pregnant girl is actually pregnant in real life. It doesn’t get more realistic than that, so I think we should get an A, regardless of how we did… haha.



Since last update I’ve spent most of my time working on the final assignments for the semester. Last year I finished up all my papers three weeks before they were due so that I could just relax and enjoy finals week, and since that was pretty wonderful, I might want to do that this year as well.

Except for all the school stuff, Sarah and I are in the midst of applying to film festivals all across the country, (some in Canada too btw) and then we’ll have a new screening here in town this coming weekend. If you find yourself in Sioux Falls, come to the West Mall theater “Over the Bridge” on May 1st!

I still find it hard to believe that our little documentary is still going places. When we started the production in January we didn’t exactly expect any of this, but it’s absolutely great!

Also, for those of you who didn’t read my last post: WE REACHED OUR KICKSTARTER GOAL thanks to all the amazing souls who donated to our project. THANK YOU ALL!!!

I got a text from a filmmaker in Missouri and he said that after watching the documentary he has now started buying pizza to the homeless in St. Louis! Several people here on campus have even come to ask me how they can volunteer, so I think of that as success!

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