Just a Quick Update

Good afternoon!

Compared to last week’s crazy busy schedule with early morning interviews and film festival stuff, this week has been pretty uneventful. I’ve still been relatively busy, but with other things than film work. For a while I felt like school was just a nice distraction from all the hours I spent working on the documentary, but now things have balanced out a little and I’m reminded that I’m a student first, then a filmmaker, for now.

Friday was pretty dramatic, and not in a good way. Brittany was in a car accident (her car smashed hit by a reckless driver, but she’s okay, thank God!) and when I was going to give her a ride later that night, I suddenly noticed I had a flat tire — again! Things got more complicated when it turned out that the guy from road assistance had ruined one of the lug nut-things on my car (whatever that means…?), so the tire guy was unable to fix it until we got a new one. After several less pleasant phone calls we drove to a different shop and they fixed it for free. I’ve been told that’s the bright side with being a blonde Norwegian with an accent — people underestimate your intelligence and go out of their way to help you — I’m not sure how I feel about that…

Anyway, this whole process took hours, so our movie plans went down the drain and we ended up eating burgers at Wendy’s instead.

After the burgers I met up with the theatre folks to watch the musical movie “Passing Strange” Which was the perfect way to wind down after the stressful day.


Yesterday Karen, Brittany and I roadtripped to Mitchell in the hot weather with no air conditioning in the car (but that’s a topic for another time, haha) Then I went for a run before we all went to eat Mexican.

Also, we reached our kickstarter goal!!! I’m so grateful to everyone who believed enough in this project to want to support it and help us spread the message across the country. THANK YOU SO MUCH! I will begin the application process for film festivals tonight.

So that’s what’s new since last time.


Have a blessed Sunday,

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