Time-out in Fargo

Hello all,

Right now I’m sitting in my room trying to figure out what to do with this day. It’s spring break and now that the whole documentary production is completed I must admit that it feels a little weird not having a packed schedule. My instincts tell me that I should go be super productive and start planning my next big project, but I promised myself that I would indulge in a couple of lazy weeks as soon as I finished up “Over the Bridge.” So over the past week I’ve actually tried out the regular college student routine — consisting of going to class, doing my homework and watching Netflix.

On Friday morning I stashed some stuff into my suitcase, jumped into my sweatpants, filled up the gas tank on my car, turned on the radio and cruised my way to Fargo, North Dakota. After four hours I got to the hotel and just laid down on the bed, ordered pizza, turned off my phone and binge watched “Fargo” (the TV series.) Now that’s pretty cool! Ah, I haven’t been that relaxed in a long time.

Then on Saturday I picked up my cousin, Adrian, who is an exchange student in Fergus Falls, before we headed to downtown Fargo. I hadn’t seen him since last summer, so needless to say; we had lots of catching up to do! After dinner at Buffalo Wild Wings, we stopped by a roller skating rink, “explored” the city and went shopping at Fleet Farm. I just love stores like that! But I always just end up buying boring stuff like laundry baskets and coat hooks for my dorm room. Money well spent, right? On our way back to Fergus our GPS tricked us so we got completely lost for a little while, but hey, that’s part of the midwestern experience. We had a blast, that’s for sure.

On Sunday I slept in, went to a diner for breakfast all by myself — looking like a complete slob with no makeup, oversized sweatpants, glasses and my hair in a bun — that’s how you do road trips in the upper Midwest!

Then I cruised down to Sioux Falls again. Overall, the weekend was so utterly relaxing I can highly recommend everyone to visit random towns and just “exist” there for two-three days. After several months with 16-hour days of filming, editing, scheduling, school and homework it was truly necessary.

On Monday I had to get back to work again though. I visited the bank to create a US account, applied for some film grants and launched a Kickstarter campaign to fund the submission fees to film festivals. We are excited to bring the film to a larger audience and increase attention to the issue of homelessness both in Sioux Falls and in the United States in general, so we’re hoping to do that through film festivals, but we need help with the entrance fees, so if you want to help us get there. CLICK HERE.

The Sioux Falls newspaper wrote a follow-up story about it too, so we hope that will help.


Now I should probably go “gather” some food. (You don’t realize how convenient it is with a 15-hour dining service on campus until it’s closed for spring break) 😉

So I’ll talk to you later,
Maria Lavelle

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