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This week has flown by so fast I still feel it’s Tuesday, but today I’m enjoying some downtime with an empty schedule. I usually try to keep Saturdays completely free from any kind of work, but over the past few weeks I’ve been so busy shooting the documentary in the weekends that I’ve struggled with finding time for that much-needed recharge time.

Today however, I slept in, relaxed for a while and then I went for a run with my friend and fellow journalism major, Matthew. The weather was so nice that we didn’t feel like running back to Augie until an hour later, and then we headed straight to IHOP (aka. International House of Pancakes) with Rachel, Naras and Sarah.

Photo: Waiter at IHOP. Great lighting and beautiful compositions always make pretty pictures…


Yesterday, I had to go and cover the Augustana Basketball game for my sportswriting class. I’ve played quite a bit of basketball throughout the years, but never competitively, and I don’t think I’ve ever actually watched a real game on TV… so during the first minutes when I heard people talk about fouls, five-second violations, pivots, point forwards, rebounds and V-cuts I didn’t exactly feel overly confident in my abilities as a sports journalist.

But luckily, Jill, who was a basketball player in high school, was there to walk me through it step by step — and we ended up having a lot of fun inside of that “Press box” that was dangling way up there in the ceiling. (I say dangling, because it wasn’t the steadiest construction, just ask Jill, haha!)


The rest of my week has mostly consisted of school, homework and almost 30 hours of documentary editing. During the longer sessions I sometimes get a little restless, and this is what happens:


There’s still quite a bit of work left, but we’re getting there! Sometimes I have to ask myself “WHY am I doing this?” No one asked me to make a documentary, no one pays me for spending early mornings and late nights outside in the freezing cold, or inside the editing room… But I still do it. Why?

Because I love it. I’ll write more about it in a later post <3

Now I’m about to head over to Karen and Brittany for our weekly catch-up-and-eat-pizza-night, so talk to ya later!

Bless you all,

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