Christmas Vibes, 7-Minute-Acting and such

Phew, this is pretty much the first time since thanksgiving I’ve had half an hour of “free time” so I’ll challenge myself and see if I can write a blog entry before I have to go to acting rehearsal in 15 minutes.

After a very enjoyable break in Huron, we drove back to Sioux Falls on Sunday and not surprisingly, the entire city was covered in yet another layer of snow. It’s kinda extreme actually. You dive into your homework for an hour, and when you look out the window everything has suddenly been buried under 10 inches of white fluff.

But at least we got a nice run in on bare roads last week.


So what’s new since last time? Well, in Monday’s acting class I performed my longest scene yet: a full seven minutes. Haha, it doesn’t sound like a lot, but in the past I haven’t really had to memorize anything longer than my phone number, sooo seven minutes was kind of a big deal lol.

Yup, I played a hung-over 30 year-old woman who had just gotten back from a funeral — hence the all-black outfit and messy hairdo.

Photo by: Mike Shafer

After two more classes, two theatre rehearsals and some homework I spent pretty much all afternoon working in the yearbook office.

On Tuesday the Norwegian Student Association arranged a Scandinavian-style Christmas workshop.


As you can see, the porridge wasn’t exactly perfect, but we all had fun! And as the vice presidents of the organization, Karen and I both agreed that the event was a success. Our lovely president, Elin, agreed as well. So yes, we were proud – but most of all, we were proud of our fancy titles.

On Wednesday I finished up the eighth and last episode of the fundraising video project I’ve been working on for the Athletic Department here at Augie. I will post the intro tomorrow, so y’all can donate to support the female athletes here at school, yay!


Earlier today I skyped with my sister for two hours <3 Then later I got to tag along and observe how professional video company people work. It was comforting to see that I don’t do things that differently from them. They were super nice and including, and I totally fell in love with all their awesome cameras (which probably cost twice as much as my car)

Wups, I should probably get myself down to rehearsal before I fall asleep — 9 p.m. is usually close to bedtime for me, but oh well.

Bless ya,

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