Halloween in Austin, Texas

Those of you who have read my previous posts probably knows that I’ve spent the past week down in beautiful Texas. Our adventure “down south” even got a little extended because we ran into some flight troubles on our way back yesterday — but we made it back safely to Sioux Falls today, yay! Right now I’m in my room eating a slice of pizza and trying to prioritize what I should write about in this post, which usually isn’t a problem — because my weeks mostly just consist of homework and classes — but with an above average venturesome week I suddenly have a lot more to write about.

So… let me just start with where I left off last time.

I started Saturday off with a run in a park I found with my friend and fellow journalism major, Matthew.

After 50 minutes of running in the early morning hours, we tried to get a picture with the awesome hipster-grafitti bridge in the background, but as you can see… that didn’t work very well, haha

Photo: Some stranger we met at the bridge

Then we attended a few more sessions at the Journalism convention before we got ready for the highlight of the day, Halloween!

Photo: Naras Prameswari


After we all got dressed up we decided to go to Chez Nous, a French restaurant. Because of our large group size we had booked a table before hand (without really knowing what kind of place it actually was) but as soon as we entered, we quickly realized that it was a rather fancy restaurant that seemed more fit for the upper class and socialite of Austin than a bunch of college kids in costumes. (We wore everything from emojis to Robin Hood and see-through bubble plastic, so I think most of us felt a little “misplaced.)

Photo: Janet Blank-Libra


Things didn’t get much better when the menu only offered super expensive dishes we didn’t know how to pronounce, and on top of it all managed to break a glass in front of the waiter. (And no, we were not drunk or high, just hungry) Since it was absolutely impossible to find anything “edible” in the menu, we ended up ordering a couple of different appetizers that we shared — which, by the way, cost us more than ten servings at a regular restaurant… almost. After having tried to force down a couple of snails, moldy cheeses and patees we left and got pizza instead. In other words, don’t visit Chez Nous if you suspect your taste buds are not sufficiently mature for such … powerful… tastes.

After I had convinced myself the French snails would not come crawling back up my throat, we walked the Austin Halloween Parade, which is said to be one of the biggest in the US with its 60 000 participants!

Pirate-family reunion:

Photo: Rachel Johnston

We also stopped by the Driskill hotel for a “photo session”

Photo: Unknown British lady in school uniform
The shower man Photo: Sarah Kocher

And generally just had a blast all night!

On Sunday last years edition of the Augustana yearbook, Edda, placed top 10 in the National College Media Convention “Best of show” competition! Whaat?! Little tiny Augie is among the best in the whole country. I’m proud to be a part of a team with such amazing talented people, and I look forward to seeing what we can do with this year’s edition.

All in all, the trip to Texas was a huge success, and I feel very grateful for the opportunity to experience America together with our great group!


Bless y’all,

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