Oh happy day

I have some news on this rainy Monday afternoon.

But first I just want to thank you for being so understanding regarding my break from social media. I never thought I’d be one of those people who would take a step back from the interweb, but Oh Lord, what a treat it’s been! I haven’t even missed it the slightest, and the amount of work I’ve been able to do in its absence is simply astonishing.

I didn’t even spend that much time on social media prior to this “detox,” but it always made me feel that I had to be alert and available—and as a result—was unable to fully charge my batteries. Now that I feel free and at peace I actually feel much better about working long days, and life in general. So, I can highly recommend unplugging and focusing your time and energy towards something productive and creative instead. I’ll stay offline for a little while longer.

Phew! That was a long paragraph.

Photo: Rannveig Froestad.

Back to the good news: You probably remember the nightmare-like scenario related to my housing situation earlier this year? The apartment that slipped through our hands last-minute, a security deposit that never got returned, a stay at a hostel with … eh… bedbugs. Yes, that was a crappy time. Read about it HERE.

However, this is the happy part; the days of being a homeless international student without a US guarantor are behind me.

I      finally     found a room in an apartment that would let me sign under far better conditions, and I have a place to live when I return to NYC in august! The best part is that it’s on Manhattan. In East Village. With walking distance to school.

God is so good!

My motivation to head back to New York suddenly got significantly better, and I’m actually so excited I’ve started counting days. But first I’ll be sure to enjoy quality time with family and friends, and continue writing and prepping my next film – which I’ll tell you more about next time.

Have a blessed evening,

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