I wish I was American

Possibly a controversial statement, but in this particular instance I mean it.

Because it turns out that getting approved as a Norwegian student tenant in the city of New York is a near impossible task.

With the clock ticking closer to May 1st — when my roommate, Alejandro, and I have to be out of our current apartment — we’ve been on an intense apartment-search for six weeks. As I told you last time, apartment-hunting in NYC is not for the faint of heart. In fact, it was so stressful last time that I told myself I didn’t want to go through it again … not within the next three years, at least!

But here we are. With a dream-apartment (within our extremely limited budget) slipping out of our hands. Why? Because I’m Norwegian and don’t have a US guarantor who makes 120K a year. Even if I have all the funds, and my roommate has a guarantor to cover him.

Turns out that renting a space on Manhattan is quite the process compared to Brooklyn, and even if you’re a student at one of the world’s most expensive private universities, have the funds to show for and have a flawless tenant-history, they can’t approve you.

On days like these I wish I was American.

Meanwhile, I’ll be praying we have somewhere to live after May 1st.

Exactly a year ago, from the Covenant Awards 2017. Long before these two friends and roomies-to-be knew how hard it would be to find housing in the big city. Photo: Jessica Ruf.

Now I’ll head to set; one more shoot until we’re done with this year’s production period!


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