Birthday Girl

I want to give a big thanks to all the beautiful souls who sent me such lovely gifts and birthday wishes this past Friday. You’re awesome!

I started the day in the pool as usual, before I enjoyed a delicious breakfast in the cafeteria (Yes, french toast is my favorite,) then I went to a couple of classes, finished up some papers, went to yet another lecture — where the whole class sang for me, AWW! Then after a long day, I shuffled back to my room and found this waiting for me!


After dinner at the Texas Roadhouse we went to watch the volleyball game — where the Augustana Vikings won, and then Brittany, Karen and I went back to Brittany’s house to paint our pumpkins for Halloween.




The essential “place-your-pumpikin-in-front-of-your-face-pose”IMG_0903

Just like last year



When I came back to the dorms later at night, I found another super sweet gift from my former track teammates hanging on my door. That made the day complete and I could go to bed feeling very happy with the day’s celebrations.

I just have to say that it’s wonderful having friends who have “outgrown” the typical “Let’s throw her a huge party and get super drunk, because that is so much fun OMG” As I’ve said before, I’d rather spend the night talking about life at a nice restaurant with a group of awesome and creative individuals. So this night was “right up my alley” and I’m very grateful for having such amazing friends 🙂 Thank you

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