Expectation vs. Reality in NYC

I’ve lived in New York CIty for about two months now, and here are some of the surprising realizations I’ve made since I moved here. Enjoy!

The Apartment

Expectation: “I honestly don’t need a huge apartment. Like, something similar to Monica’s place in Friends is good enough for me.”

It doesn’t matter if you’re a poor student at America’s most expensive private university or if you’re a fictional character in a successful sitcom, you WILL have a two-bedroom apartment in West Village. $4,500 a month? No problem!

Reality: “My 7×9 ft room (2×3 m) has a window, and I can walk to my desk —  if I climb over my bed and crawl through the laundry bag on the way. Yay! And speaking of laundry; it turns out that having a dishwasher and laundry machine inside your building is a privilege only for the rich and famous.

The Subway

Expectation: The commute between Brooklyn and Manhattan is a great place for homework and breakfast!

Reality: “If I can fit onto the L train in the morning without losing a limb — that’s success.”

It’s not uncommon for the train to be so full you literally have to pretend you’re a runningback trying to bust through a wall of people to even get on it.

And the vocal encouragement you get during the process sounds freakishly similar to what you hear at a sporting field or in a maternity ward … “PUSH!” “You can do it!”

The Food

Expectation: “I probably won’t go out for brunch on the Upper West side every single day, but maybe like twice a week, like Carrie Bradshaw and her friends do in Sex and the City.”

Reality: “I don’t think I can afford to eat any protein this week, but hey, cereal works for dinner, right?”

The Clothing

Expectation: “I’ll be Blair Waldorf’s new stylish friend in Gossip Girl. *Bling Bling* New York fashiooon week here I coooome!”

Reality: “Will people notice if I wear this jacket four days in a row? What if I flip it inside out? I also stepped in human poop, so I had to throw away my only good pair of boots … but well.”

The Weekend

Expectation: “I’ll go to all the Broadway shows and check out the cultural scene New York has to offer, like every weekend.”

Reality: “Ah, look! I found a quarter on the ground! Guess who can afford to do laundry this weekend?!”

New York City may not be exactly what it looks like on TV, but I can — from the bottom of my heart — say that there’s nowhere else I’d rather live. I’ll write a more serious post about that later. 

Thanks for reading, and have a wonderful Saturday night! (In the meantime, I’ll go pick up that laundry … 😉


2 thoughts on “Expectation vs. Reality in NYC”

  1. Reminds me of the experiences my daughter had during her time in Manhattan just off of Central Park. Certainly is a different life style. She learned many things that have become key building blocks in her life. Best to you and thanks for this post.

    1. Thank you so much for this nice comment, Scott!
      Yes, it certainly is a different lifstyle. I’m glad to hear your daughter found her experience to be a rewarding one 🙂
      Best to you and Mer!

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